Before You Talk Yourself Out of a Work Out, Read This…


It’s not easy!

An assumption I hear pretty regularly from my clients is the idea that since I am a trainer working out is easy for me… They say “You’re lucky you want to work out everyday” or “It’s easy for you to get to the gym, you are self motivated”…well guess what? NOT TRUE! I don’t always WANT to work out and I am not ALWAYS self motivated.

I have plenty of days I don’t want to go to the gym and plenty of other days I am not motivated. I have excuses too, I am too tired, I don’t feel like it, what will I do for my workout when I get there, I don’t have time, I just want to go home…but I also know I will always feel better after I do something active.

I know I have never the left the gym feeling worse than when I came in. I know that working out is my therapy and my hour or so I have to myself. It is time to listen to music and reflect on my day or start my day off on the right foot. It is a stress relief, it grounds me, it empowers me and I am always more upset with myself if I don’t go to the gym than if I do!

I make it a priority and habit because I know making exercise a part of my life enhances so many aspects of who I am beyond physcial appearance. It helps me be a better employee, a better friend, a better partner and allows me to accomplish goals and challenges me in a physical and mental way.

Anytime I hear this assumption that it’s easy for me I also share that I am a trainer but I have a trainer and I also have a community. On those days when I am about to talk myself out of a workout, I show up because my community is waiting for me. Because they notice if I am not there. Because we motivate each other.

So the next time you are talking yourself off your workout think about all pros. I guarantee the pros will outweigh the cons. But sometimes you need more, you need a supportive fitness community, a tribe, it will be the thing that gets you there consistently.

We each need support for different reasons , what is your reason? Who is in your fitness tribe? Who helps get you there?

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