How to Create a Thriving Community at Your Gym or Studio


We are all human…and human beings like to belong to something.

You have groups of friends or family that get together to celebrate events, accomplishments, marriages, new babies, holidays or meet up just to enjoy a nice sunny day. You talk, eat, drink, share stories, struggles, and joys together.

Why should a gym be any different? And how can you create a vibe that feels just the same?

The most successful gyms and studios build this sense of belonging, this tribe, this community feel that satisfies our human need to belong to something.

When you provide this feeling for your members, they feel accountable. If a morning comes around when you don’t feel like working out, you still go because you know you will be missed if you aren’t there. If you are tired and didn’t sleep well the night before you know your gym community will give you the energy you need to make it through.

If you accomplish a goal you have been striving for, you don’t want to look around and see an empty room with no one to share your joy with. You want to look around and see the people that have been cheering you on day in and day out and celebrate the accomplishment with them because your goal has also become your tribe’s goal!!!

Here are just a few actionable ways to start building a thriving community at your gym or fitness center:

  • Provide an environment where people talk to each other and don’t just listen to their music in their own headphones. Allow people the chance to disconnect and be present in their breath and hard work.
  • Build a gym or a studio that has pot lucks to share recipes or competitions to build comradery.
  • Have a community board where you can post jobs and share business cards to support each other outside of the gym as well.
  • Host a mom’s night or a dad’s night.
  • Have a holiday party and BBQs with your members.
  • Have outings and outside workouts off-site.

Become more than a gym. Be a lifestyle choice, a community, to help each other out inside and outside of the gym, cheer for each other.

I have met some of my best friends through fitness. When travelling, I try out other gyms whereever I go and have even made friends in other states and countries because of the community fitness vibe.

We are all human, we all want a tribe to call our own, fitness and health in any form can be that place we find meaningful relationships that hold us accountable and make us feel we belong.

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