Introducing the Game-Changing Mobile App for All Fitness Lovers

Wow, firstly THANK YOU to all our fantastic beta testers who have been enjoying FitStation so far and to you for the incredible support the app has received pre-launch!

FitStation – Your Ultimate Fitness Connection App

Wow, firstly THANK YOU to all our fantastic beta testers who have been enjoying FitStation so far and to you for the incredible support the app has received pre-launch!


After months of planning, building and testing, the ‘sweat’ was all worth it! FitStation is now live in the app stores and we want you to be among the first people to officially use it.

So, without further ado, let’s take a quick tour of FitStation and see how it can work for you…

Who is it for?

FitStation is for:

  •   Gyms, studios, and fitness centers
  •   Trainers, coaches, and leaders
  •   Anyone who wants to begin or continue their fitness journey surrounded by an awesome Tribe

Select your profile type and you’re ready to go!



Gyms, Studios and Fitness Centers

Here you can showcase your gym, studio or fitness center using your profile and content to attract new members to your Tribe.

You can create groups for things like managing your trainers, or posting updates to people in the different fitness classes you have.

It’s also a great place to share upcoming community fitness events and promotions at your location, without having to break through the noise of regular media outlets.

FitStation helps you build an active fitness community at your gym and increases client retention through its useful tools, unique features, and dedicated members.


Trainers, Coaches, and Leaders

Discover the client management tools that help you provide unmatchable service, combined with the added benefits of a fitness social network.

If you’re a fitness professional who wants to build your client base organically, social media can be great, but it can also be distracting for you and your clients with cute pictures of puppy dogs, hilarious gifs, and food memes surrounding your posts…

Create a Trainer profile with FitStation to give your followers and clients a dedicated place to be part of your Tribe.

In seconds you can view your schedule, send and track client workouts, give and review client feedback, and post fitness content to your groups, individuals, or the newsfeed.


Fitness lovers

Do you want to achieve a fitness goal and find gym buddies for motivation, or have a coach that can give you support, even in between sessions?

Having people to hold us accountable gives us motivation to keep going and stay on track to achieve the goals we set. That’s why FitStation is about surrounding yourself with those who fuel your energy and help you feel motivated when you need it. We are stronger through our Tribe!

  • Start by sharing your interests on your profile and inviting your contacts, coach and gym if you have one.
  • You can also use FitStation to find gyms, trainers and fitness classes in your area. Next, join some Tribes that interest you so you can meet other like-minded gym buddies in your area.
  • Set goals with your trainer (or yourself) and share them with anyone in your tribe to create some accountability. From there you can make regular check-ins with your coach, tribe, or just yourself, to see how you are progressing towards your goal.
  • Your trainer can also send you personalized workouts, feedback, and motivation in between sessions, so you feel supported 24/7.
  • You can also inspire others with your progress journey by posting photos, videos and stories to your groups, friends, or direct to the newsfeed.

What the fitness connection app is truly about

Our bodies are amazing machines and can make incredible transformations through health, fitness and lifestyle.  We at FitStation commend hard work and dedication, but we also want to see how you got there!

We promote the process, not just the aesthetic end result.

FitStation is a unique platform to build a community, share workouts, motivation, and nutritional advice. We do have social media features like posting photos to the newsfeed, because showing off your progress and results can be inspiring to others.

However, sexually suggestive posts are not what we are about.

We are a lifestyle and a tribe of like-minded individuals, inviting you to join us in this health and fitness quest to live long, healthy lives while feeling good and strong along the way!

Please use our fitness connection app to its full potential!


Now, we don’t want to give away all of the secrets that make FitStation special, we want you to come and experience it for yourself. See you there!


Create your profile now – free for all users until March 1, 2019!

Have questions about FitStation? Visit our FAQ page for more info, or feel free to leave a comment below.

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