What’s the Most Empowering Type of Goal Setting? Clue, it’s Not Weight Loss



I can hear this roaring through a town when a goal is scored in a futball game. BUT I am about to talk about a different kind of goal. Your fitness goal.

Everyone has different goals and seeks a different result from their fitness journey. The beginning to your fitness success is setting the right goals.

I recommend that my clients have short term and long term goals. Weight loss is a common goal but sometimes the number on the scale does not determine your progress towards a healthier you. It is a component, but I find clients that obsess about the scale have the hardest time losing weight. And if they don’t see the scale move down fast enough they are discouraged. Fitness should be encouraging not discouraging.

Please, please always have a performance goal in additiion to any vanity goal. ‘I want to lose 20 pounds’ is great and measurable BUT what about being able to do 5 push up or 5 pull or hold a plank for a minute or back squat your body weight or drink 1 glass of wine instead of 2 tonight!!! Now accomplishing those kind of goals is empowering!

Empower yourself with health and fitness, set goals that are attainable in the short term and I guarantee the long term goals will fall in place. Who wants to look at the scale every morning with disgust and frustration? Anyone can accomplish a performance goal from showing up one day more this week or lifting one more pound. Feeling strong is the best gift you can give yourself.

I see client after client become proud of themselves when they accomplish a performance goal. Think of the feeling you got passing a hard test, or getting your first job or watching your child learn to ride a bike, these are fulfilling, rich moments in life that you can find in the gym and that I love to share with my clients.

This is why fitness is power, so set some performance goals and find a partner, group or trainer who empowers you!

Be Stronger through your TRIBE!!!

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