Is FitStation a social network?

Partly yes. FitStation does have an awesome social network and offers a wider range of features and benefits than regular social media, since we are more focused on what the fitness society needs and lacks. Plus, apart from the social side of FitStation, you have access to the workout calendar, and various features for each profile type whether you are a gym or studio owner, fitness professional or an individual on your fitness journey

Does FitStation manage my incoming bookings?

No, FitStation allows you to be in direct contact with your clients for a deeper connection, so if someone wants a to book fitness classes with you, they can either use your contact details given in your profile or send you a direct message on the FitStation app. FitStation also works in conjunction with systems such as MindBody.

How can FitStation help me retain more members at my gym?

People are less likely to achieve their best results or even give up on their fitness journey if they attempt it all by themselves. With FitStation, each member is part of a supportive tribe. Create a tribe for your gym, so that your members are never alone on their journey and it gives them the confidence and motivation to keep coming back with friends.

Will FitStation bring more people through my studio doors?

Yes, when used correctly FitStation brings more foot traffic to your locations without having to advertise or offer constant discounts. Not only that, but the people who arrive have already made a connection with your business meaning they are already more likely to return and spread the word about their good experience. Use FitStation daily with your clients to build up a strong community of local and worldwide connections.

Can I use FitStation as gym client management software?

You can use FitStation for numerous client management tasks including: communication, scheduling and tracking workouts, and sending and receiving client feedback. FitStation is also designed to integrate and work with gym management systems such as MindBody, that manage your operations.

How do I get my clients to use the app?

You can send invites via your email or social media for your clients to join you on FitStation, so that you can help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. Training with you a few times per week is awesome, but what about in between sessions? If you include FitStation app membership as part of your services, your client will feel like they have 24/7 support because they will – from you and other members of the FitStation tribe.

Do I need to be a fitness professional to use the app?

No. Though it is primarily used by professionals with their clients, fitness lovers of all levels are welcome to join FitStation, there is something useful for everyone! From scheduling fitness classes to meeting new gym buddies, non-professionals can enrich their journey and experience with FitStation

Is FitStation an activity and fitness tracker?

Not primarily, but yes you can track your personalized workouts and view from the dashboard how you are doing with goal progress as set with your coach.

I work in many different locations, gyms and outdoors, with over 10 clients. How can FitStation help with this?

Your FitStation dashboard helps you keep track of all your clients and shows you exactly when and where you need to be and with who. Plus, you can send and track workout plans to your clients in between sessions and send/receive feedback about every workout, all in one easy-to-manage place.

This type of connection makes it easier for you to

add and retain more members, growing your

overall business and revenue.


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